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Elevate your brand’s presence at the fair as well as across various channels both on- and offline by signing up for one of our PR packages. From press releases to targeted online banners, we’re here to ensure your participation makes waves in the industry.

The industry media Søfart delivers news, insight and perspective to the Danish maritime industry. Shipping provides a continuous overview of developments in all branches of Blue Denmark and inspires new thinking and further development by sharing best practices.
Online visitors
100.983 visitors/month**
online views
198.586 views/month**
Sent daily to 9.249 recipients
37.35% unique opens
*Print and e-publications | ** - May 2023

Diamond PR

  • 2 full pages advertorial
  • top banner and article banner for 3 weeks (optional dates)
  • 6 (400 x 200 pixels) top banners in 6 optional newsletters

Gold PR

  • 1 full page advertorial
  • top banner and article banner for 2 weeks (optional dates)
  • 4 (400 x 200 pixels) top banners in 4 optional newsletters

Silver PR

  • 1/2 page advertorial
  • top banner for 1 week (optional dates)
  • 2 (400 x 200 pixels) top banners in 2 optional newsletters

Bronze PR

  • 1/4 page advertorial
  • 3 (400 x 200 pixels) top banners in 3 optional newsletters

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