The global event and marketing company, MCI, enters as a new partner in the Danish Maritime Fair.
From the left: Director of MCI, Per Ankær, Senior Project Manager, Kirsten Weede, MCI (former Communications Manager at MARLOG), and director of Danish Maritime Fair, René Wittendorff. Photo DMF


The maritime trade show Danish Maritime Fair gets new forces added to the board.
Trade show director René Wittendorff has entered into a new partnership with the global conference, event, and marketing company MCI.
“We complement each other really well. After all, they’re experts in conferences, and in general, they have a lot of international experience in running large international events,” says René Wittendorff.
Per Ankær, director of MCI Copenhagen says: “We look forward to expanding the collaboration with the Danish Maritime Fair. The next DMF will be held on 14 – 15 May 2024. A new large conference program will be created within the maritime field and will supplement the exhibition very well and attract many visitors”.
The new partnership comes barely half a year after the last edition of the Danish Maritime Fair was launched. The fair was held here as part of the World Maritime Technology Conference.
“This year was a special edition of DMF, where the exhibitor part was very small compared to normal, and where the conference part took up almost the whole thing. Next time will be 14 – 15 May 2024, when we’ll have our 10th anniversary, and are back with an event that will be much bigger on the exhibitor side,” says René Wittendorff.
The Danish Maritime Fair is held every other year.



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